Demand for food and support surges for Ballymahon FRC during Covid-19

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


Bridgeways supporting the families of Ballymahon

Grace Kearney putting an activity pack in the community cabinet at Bridgeways FRC

A survey carried out by 121 Family Resource Centres around the country has showcased the need for community support.

The vast majority of FRCs around the country have seen a sharp increase in the demand for their services.

“When the pandemic hit, we became a source of support for the local community,” said Grace Kearney, who is the project coordinator of of Bridgeways Family Resource Centre in Ballymahon.

“We have a relationship with the community anyway and people knew that and felt they could ask us for help with food or forms or mental health support.”

A survey released by the Family Resource Centre National Forum (FRCNF) shows that 83% of centres have experienced an increase in demand for their services since the Covid-19 pandemic began.

“It highlights the importance of having a community support,” said Ms Kearney of the study.