Assault victim suffered ‘several blows to the head’ , Longford court hears

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


Assault victim suffered ‘several blows to the head’ , Longford court hears

A man charged with assaulting his sister and giving her “several blows to the head with a vice grip” has been ordered to pay €500 in compensation, following a hearing at Granard District Court.

William Maughan, Croghan Road, Croghan, Co Roscommon, pleaded guilty to the assault and handed in €300 to the court last week and will pay the balance of €200 on July 17. He was also granted bail on the condition that he have no contact with his sister, Kathleen.

Sgt Paddy McGirl handed a “substantial” medical report to the court, which Judge Seamus Hughes noted was “very detailed”.

“You received several blows to the head with a vice grip. You would think one belt would cause substantial damage. Was there blood all over the place?” Judge Hughes asked the victim, Kathleen Maughan.

“No Judge, but maybe there wasn’t much power behind it,” Ms Maughan replied.

While Ms Maughan explained that she suffered from the attack, she insisted there was no lasting injury or any psychiatric problems that directly related to the assault.

“I wouldn’t want to get him any prison. I just want him to keep away from me. As far as I know, he’s in England and he came back for court, in fairness,” she said.

“I’m not looking for money. If there was money, I want you to put it in your poor box,” she added when Judge Hughes raised the topic of monetary compensation.

Ms Maughan confirmed that her brother has not tried to make contact since the incident and that she would like it to stay that way.

“Is that what you really want - no contact with your brother?” Judge Hughes asked.

“Yes,” Ms Maughan replied.

“I won’t be taking money to the court box,” said Judge Hughes.

Mr Maughan said that he would hand in €100 but upped that to €200 when Judge Hughes expressed disgust at such a small figure.

“I would like another nought on the end of that - €1,000 to be paid immediately,” said Judge Hughes.

“He doesn’t have a lot of money, Judge,” said Kathleen Maughan and, when Judge Hughes ordered her brother to pay €500 within three months, she restated that she would rather it be put in the court poor box.

“No. You’ll take it and go out for a nice meal and a bottle of wine or something,” said Judge Hughes.

Mr Maughan handed in the €300 and agreed to pay the balance of €200 by July 17, 2020, when Judge Hughes will then hand down a fine.

Ms Maughan, 10 Anrath Beg, Abbylara, was next up on the court list on that day, charged with holding a mobile phone while driving.

“I’m going to fine you €150,” said Judge Hughes with amusement.

“Well I’ll give you it out of this,” said Ms Maughan, gesturing to the €300 she had just received from her brother.

“It’s gone in one hand and out the other.”

Ms Maughan paid her fine and then left the courtroom, wishing Judge Hughes good health and warning him: “don’t go into any large crowds”.