Man fined for stealing card from Longford business

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


Man fined for stealing card from Longford business

A young man who stole three debit cards from a business owner he had installed a CCTV system for has been handed down two fines with three months to pay.

Gheorghe Silion (19), 15 Carraig Mhór, Clonmellon, Co Westmeath is originally from Moldova and has been living in Ireland for two months, the court heard.

Garda Philip Weafer told the court that, on Thursday, May 7, a security system was being installed at a business in Longford town which had, a few days earlier, reported a fire.

Gardaí received a call from the business owner, reporting the theft, which was caught on the CCTV system that had just been installed.

“Over the course of the investigation that followed, it was discovered that bank transactions were taking place in Spar, Main Street, and also some online purchases,” Gda Weager explained.

“Over the course of a few hours, he managed to spend approximately €550.”

Solicitor for the defence, Fiona Baxter, explained that Mr Silion was present in court with his sister who is “taking this very seriously”.

“It’s him who should be taking it seriously,” said Judge Seamus Hughes.

“He is, Judge. He’s from Moldova and has only been here for two months. His sister works for Facebook and has taken him in. He was an engineer with the security company,” said Ms Baxter.

“So it was a very responsible position and a highly skilled job,” Judge Hughes noted.

“Yes, Judge, and he has since lost that job as a result of this incident. His sister has monetary compensation here in court today. He has no previous convictions and he did cooperate with the investigation,” said Ms Baxter.

“Temptation came his way and he took advantage. I’d like to think we may not see this man again,” said Judge Hughes, before turning to Gda Weafer.

“It was a very good investigation. I commend you.”

Mr Silion’s sister handed in the €550 compensation to the court and Judge Hughes finalised the matter by handing down two fines of €105 with three months to pay.