Longford granny and granddaughter 'waiting in the long grass until we can hug again'

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'Waiting in the long grass until we can hug again'

Pictured is 8-year-old Megan Reilly from Dromard and the photo was taken (from afar) by her Granny Patricia Reilly in the field between their respective homes in Firmullagh, Moyne.

Patricia works in St Christopher’s and is currently working from home, like many others, while Megan is also home from school (Moyne NS), along with her sister Emily (9) and her brother Gavin (4) and her parents Martin and Geraldine. While Megan lives beside her Granny and Grandad, they've remained apart for two months.

Megan's Granny Patricia calls this picture 'Waiting in the long grass until we can hug again'. They are both looking forward to that day.

Megan was looking forward to celebrating her First Holy Communion in the coming weeks, along with her classmates, but for now, she's looking forward to hugging her Granny again.