Longford Leader Editorial: The fight against Covid-19 must go on

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Longford Leader Editorial: The fight against Covid-19 must go on

An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar hit the nail on the head when he spoke to the nation on May 1 about Covid-19.

He said: “We have not yet won this fight. Every day we still have too many new cases. We still have too many people in hospitals and in our intensive care units. Every day, regrettably, we still have too many deaths.”

There is a minority, perhaps conspiratorial, belief that some of the above quotes from his speech are overblown and even not true.

Some people may believe that the worst is over and the restrictions should be eased faster. Publicans for instance have described the delay in allowing them to open as a kick in the teeth.

But as Dr Padraig McGarry reminded us in the Longford Leader last week: “It is how we behave during this time that determines the damage Covid-19 leaves in its wake.”

On Bank Holiday Monday, it was announced that Longford recorded a massive jump of 60 confirmed Covid-19 cases, thereby bringing the total number of cases in the county since the pandemic began to 213. Yes, there are people recovering but the threat of the virus remains very real and complacency is the enemy.

Medical personnel speak of having to completely restructure hospitals not just in the delivery of care but also infrastructurally.

They also speak of the harrowing toll the virus is taking on the worst affected and their families. Bereaved families and spouses are left with lots of questions. They are left to grieve without the traditional support an Irish funeral provides.

Only one family member is allowed to say goodbye to a loved one in their dying moments. They cannot even touch. Then the bereaved person must go into self-isolation. And then there are the dead.

Remember the words of Funeral Director John Kelly. “It’s a difficult job at the best of times, but it’s horrific now. We feel like we’re selling grieving families short. It’s heartbreaking.”

Now, see why the fight against Covid-19 mustn't relent.