Community hubs to be up and running soon, says Longford GP

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


Community hubs to be up and running soon, says Longford GP

A total of 40 community hubs are being set up across the country for patients with confirmed or suspected cases of Covid-19, local GP Dr Padraig McGarry has revealed.

Dr McGarry told the Longford Leader last week that the hubs will be areas where patients will be directed should their Covid-19 symptoms - or any other symptoms while they have Covid-19 deteriorate.

“Doctors have been assessing patients over the last number of weeks and asking them to self-isolate, but they can deteriorate and may need assessment,” he explained earlier this week.

“These hubs are designed as a secure area for patients who are infected or suspected to be infected.

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“The idea is to provide patients with a secure place to be seen and to provide security for people who have other illnesses who might be afraid to come in to general practice.”

Patients who have Covid-19 will be triaged by their GP and, if necessary, sent for further assessment to one of the 40 hubs around the country.

There will be a small number of hubs in operation over the coming days as a sort of “dry run”, Dr McGarry explained, and other hubs will follow suit.

“These are by no means walk-in services, though,” he stressed.

“You must be referred by your GP through the triage system.”

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