Longford's Covid-19 rate has risen by one more case since yesterday

There are now 17 confirmed cases in the county

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



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There has been one more case of Covid-19 confirmed in Longford, bringing the county's total number of cases to 17. That's an increase of seven since the beginning of the week.

These 17 cases make up approximately 0.4% of the total cases in the country which, as of today, is 4,604.

In neighbouring counties, Cavan has had quite a large increase in confirmed cases, jumping from 41 to 67.

Leitrim, like Longford, has increased by just one case, bringing its total to 13. Roscommon has had no change to its 13 cases since yesterday. Westmeath has jumped from 86 to 92 since yesterday.

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