Garda investigation underway after vandalism at Longford Women's Link premises

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


Garda investigation underway after vandals slash and burn Longford Women's Link polytunney

Gardaí are currently investigating an incident of vandalism at the Longford Women's Link premises in Ardnacassa, where a polytunnel was badly damaged between the hours of 7.40pm and 10pm on Wednesday night.

Longford Women's Link have supplied gardaí with CCTV footage and, in a Facebook post earlier today, commended gardaí for their quick response.

"They shouldn’t have to be responding to incidents like these at this time," the online statement read.

"They have enough to do. Like other organisations in our community, this crisis will have a severe impact on us financially – we do not have the funds at present to repair the damage and replace our polytunnel which now has 21 slashmarks and holes burned into it.

"We cannot understand why individuals think it’s okay to behave in this way – we are absolutely disgusted at the people who did this. This occurred between the hours of 7.40pm and 10pm last night – do you know where your children were at that time?

"We know that the majority of people are abiding by the advice given by the government and the HSE, i.e. stay at home. But clearly there are a small minority who are not.

"We will continue to support women and children in crisis at this time and thank those who continue to support us. Shame on those that engage in this destructive, appalling behaviour."

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