Crowds flock to McDonald's drive-thru as restaurant prepares to close down due to coronavirus

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


Crowds flock to McDonald's drive-thru a restaurant prepares to close its doors

The queue for the drive-thru stretches all the way to the roundabout as cars flock to the restaurant PICTURE: ALAN DONNELLY

Earlier today, McDonald's fast food restaurant announced it was closing its doors due to the ongoing coronavirus situation across the country.

In a statement released yesterday evening the company said that all McDonald's restaurants and drive-thrus in the UK and Ireland will be closed by 7pm this evening (Monday) at the latest.

Crowds have flocked to Mcdonald's in Longford, with drive-thru queues stretching all the way back to Byrne's garage on the Battery Road.

The above photograph was sent in to the Longford Leader by Alan Donnelly who managed to get his own order in before closing time at the restaurant.

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