Number of cases of coronavirus worldwide exceeds 200,000

74 new cases confirmed in Ireland with up to five cases in county Longford

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


Number of cases of coronavirus worldwide exceeds 200,000

The latest figures reveal that the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus worldwide has reached and exceeded 200,000. To date there have been 217,583 cases of the Covid-19 virus globally.

So far there have been 8,936 deaths across the world, with 84,383 of those who have contracted the virus making a full recovery.

Currently, there are 124,264 active cases of the coronavirus worldwide, with 117,396 (94%) considered to be of mild condition, and 6,868 (6%) considered to be serious or critical.

China has had the most cases of Covid-19 since December 2019, but the spread has slowed significantly with only 13 new cases reported in the last 24 hours. There have been a total of 69,614 recoveries and 3,237 deaths in China and, right now, there are 8,043 active cases showing that there is a decline in China.

Italy has become the new epicentre of the virus, with a total of 35,713 people contracting the virus. The spread through Italy has been rapid and resulted in the entire country going into lockdown. So far there have been 2,978 deaths and 4,025 recoveries in the country. There are still 28,710 active cases in Italy, with 4,207 new cases being confirmed in the last 24 hours.

Other countries currently experiencing a large number of cases are Spain (13,050 active cases), Germany (12,194 active cases) and Iran (10,516 active cases).

In Ireland, it was confirmed today that there have been 74 new cases diagnosed in Ireland, bringing the total to 366. Six of those cases are currently serious or critical and there have been two deaths in Ireland so far. There have been five recoveries in Ireland so far, bringing the number of active cases in the country to 359.