Longford Circuit Court Judge reluctant to overrule High Court bail in feuding case

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



Longford Circuit Court Judge reluctant to overrule High Court bail in feuding case

Judge Keenan Johnson has refused to revoke bail for two men involved in a major violent disorder incident in Longford town the week before Christmas.

Joe Mears (27), 1 Richmond Street, Longford, and John Doyle (38), 35 The Mill, Clondra, Longford, appeared before Longford Circuit Court recently over a breach in bail conditions for a drugs possession offence committed in September 2017.

Gardaí relayed to the court that on September 5, 2017, a surveillance team followed the car of John Doyle and observed a tesco bag being thrown out the window.

On inspection, Gardaí found the bag to contain almost €20,000 worth of cannabis.

An application was made to Judge Keenan Johnson to revoke their bail due to a number of breaches of bail conditions.

Both men, gardaí explained, were involved in a violent disorder incident, which occurred on Main Street Longford on December 16, 2019.

Judge Johnson was shown CCTV footage of the incident, which saw several members of the public fleeing as two rivalling families engaged in the throwing of bricks and other weapons.

The pair were granted bail at the High Court in early January - a move, which was “strenuously contested” by gardaí.

Another breach of bail conditions in the case of John Doyle was failure to sign on, gardaí explained, but council for the defence argued that, while Mr Doyle failed to sign on on December 6, 2019, he was at the station on December 7 to sign on.

“It’s very hard for me to interfere if the High Court has already ruled they are entitled to bail,” said Judge Johnson.

“But failure to sign on once more and their bail will be revoked.”