RBK host business lunch in Longford

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RBK host  business lunch in Longford

Pictured L-R: Brian Feeney, Partner, RBK, Chris Ball, Partner, RBK, Matt Hanley, Director, RBK, David Gleeson, Managing Partner, RBK, Yann Harrison, Director, RBK.

RBK recently hosted a successful business lunch in the Longford Rugby Club. The lunch was attended by circa 70 local business people from various industries including Manufacturing, Retail, Agriculture, Technology, Banking and Professional Services.

In opening the event, Matt Hanley, Business Advisory Director, outlined the theme of this year’s business lunch which was “Growing, Protecting and Realising Value from your Business”.

Brian Feeney, Business Advisory Partner, Chris Ball, Corporate Finance Partner, and Yann Harrison, Wealth Management Director were this year’s key note speakers. They provided their insights from their respective professional perspectives.

Brian firstly demonstrated how to identify the value within your business and then how to build that value over time referencing the Value Acceleration and Exit Planning methodology.

Yann provided insights into how to retain key employees and protect the business from their loss. He also identified strategies for the protection of the personal wealth of a business owner and for succession to that wealth by the next generation.

Finally, Chris outlined the various exit options that are available to business owners and common mistakes made by businesses in advance of exiting. Chris also outlined how to create a plan that results in the most value to you and your business.

David Gleeson, Managing Partner, concluded that it takes time and effort, appropriate advice and timely planning to build value in your business but that you can plan for and prevent most surprises along the way. This will result in greater wealth for business owners and provide continuity and security for employees, customers, suppliers and the wider community. It is a WIN – WIN for all stakeholders.

Given the success of our second annual business lunch in Longford, RBK will continue to run this event on an annual basis to provide business owners with valuable information on a range of topical issues.

For more information or to be included on the invite list for next year’s events please contact Deirdre McElroy at dmcelroy@rbk.ie