Judge gives Longford man opportunity to complete treatment

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



Longford Courthouse.

Longford Courthouse

A Longford man facing a number of charges at Longford District Court has been remanded on bail to allow him to complete a drug treatment programme.

Charles Reilly, 37 Farnagh, Longford, appeared before Judge Seamus Hughes on November 12, charged with taking €100 worth of items from Aldi and then driving away, €381.07 worth of cigarettes from McCarrick’s Cash ‘n’ Carry and a Scholl Wet and Dry foot spa worth €70 from Lloyd’s Pharmacy.

Mr Reilly pleaded not guilty to the charges at Aldi, saying that he doesn’t drive, but said he was pleading guilty to the other two thefts.

“There are a total of 57 previous convictions - 33 of which are for theft,” explained Sgt Paddy McGirl on behalf of the state.

“The last one was Longford District Court on the 16th of October 2018. Section 4 theft. He received a nine month suspended sentence. Before that, Longford Circuit Court on the 23rd of May 2017 - robbery, section 14 theft. He received two years and six months sentence and that was suspended for three years and six months.”

Defence solicitor John Quinn explained that Mr Reilly was doing a drugs treatment programme in Cloverhill.

“He’s anxious to try and finalise the programme,” said Mr Quinn.

“Let’s be serious about this. I’ve had my ups and downs with you. I’ve been hard on you sometimes and then I’ve given you a chance other times,” said Judge Hughes, addressing Mr Reilly.

“You gave me a good few chances,” Mr Reilly agreed.

“I did. And the last time you were in front of me, I gave you nine months, but I suspended it. And what did you do? You went out and committed a further offence,” said Judge Hughes.

Mr Reilly explained that he would like to finish his treatment and asked that Judge Hughes allow him to do so: “I need that treatment. And I know it’s my own fault,” he said.

“I’m going to give him bail and I want him back here on the 10th of December to allow him complete drug treatment. And I have to write down here: possible short custodial sentence for stealing cigarettes,” said Judge Hughes.

“I want to finish that treatment,” said Mr Reilly.

“Well I’m giving you that chance,” Judge Hughes concluded.