Longford woman handed suspended prison sentence for theft

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Judge Seamus Hughes

Judge Seamus Hughes

A Longford woman charged with theft of goods in a pharmacy in Lanesboro has been convicted and fined following an appearance at Longford District Court.

Julie Keenan, 5 Palace Crescent, Ardnacassa, Longford, was also handed down a two month prison sentence, which was suspended for three months by Judge Seamus Hughes.

Reading out the evidence, Sgt Paddy McGirl explained that the accused entered the pharmacy in question on April 2, 2019 and took two bottles of perfume from the shelf with a total value of €115.50.

“She did not,” Judge Hughes interrupted.

“She took one bottle of perfume and a bottle of aftershave for himself. There’s a difference.”

Sgt McGirl added that there are four previous convictions, all for theft, with the most recent being in Longford District Court on March 5, when she was fined €250.

“That’s very serious. I was good to her on the fifth of March and yet she went out 25 days later and did it again,” said Judge Hughes.

Defending solicitor Bríd Mimnagh explained that her client “wasn’t in the right state of mind” at the time due to a number of bereavements in her family.

“With all due respect, I can’t understand how a bereavement would motivate or incentivise a person to go and do that. Maybe someone would take anxiety tablets or headache tablets or some sort of tablets. But not perfume, and then reach out in a different section and take aftershave. Now please,” said an irate Judge Hughes.

Ms Keenan explained that her father and her brother passed away earlier this year and that she was on medication.

“When did your brother die?” asked Judge Hughes.

“Around three months ago,” Ms Keenan responded.

“And your father?” Judge Hughes replied.

“A few months before, in June,” she said.

“Okay, can I just say to you Miss Keenan and particularly Miss Mimnagh: would you both please stop with all this rubbish and gobbledegook. Because if you weren’t in the right frame of mind, you still stole perfume and aftershave several months before the first person died, nevermind the second person. What excuse have you now?” said Judge Hughes.

“I'm very sorry,” Ms Keenan responded.

Ms Keenan’s husband then stepped up to clarify that she was, in fact, paying her fine when her brother died and that it slipped her mind after that.

Judge Hughes finalised the matter with a €105 fine and two months to pay, and a two month suspended prison sentence.