'Never heard of him': Ballymahon's Maura Higgins hits back after Louis Walsh calls her a 'minor celebrity'

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



X-Factor ratings could plummet in favour of Dancing On Ice after comments made by Louis Walsh about Ballymahon model and Love Island star Maura Higgins who will get her skates on for the show in 2020.

When speaking to the Irish Sun ahead of Maura's Dancing On Ice appearance, Louis said he wasn't worried about the rival show impacting X Factor ratings because "they are minor celebrities".

And Maura wouldn't be the Maura we know and love if she just brushed the comment aside. One of the biggest names to come out of Ireland in 2019, she's certainly no 'minor celebrity'.

When contacted by the Irish Sun for a response to Louis' remarks, Maura said: "I don't know any Louis Walsh. No, I've never heard of him."


Dancing On Ice kicks off in January 2020.