Parenting with the Stented Papa #12: Heading back to Longford for some 'me time'

Ross Good


Ross Good


Parenting with the Stented Papa #12: Heading back to Longford for some 'me time'

I’ve just sat down on the Dublin to Longford train, Friday night 7.15pm. It’s the first time I’ve been back to my home town in a hell of a long time. It’s also the first time I’ve been on a train home in an even longer time. I’m talking years, which is ironic as it was normally the only way I used to get home when I was younger.

Maybe it’s a sign of my age now but thankfully I don’t have to do this every week as this train is bananas busyand it’s like sitting in an oven. Thank God for pre-booked tickets too… Yep, definitely showing my age!

Having a family, living in Dublin and numerous other family related reasons - mostly known as ‘life’ - means it’s tougher to get up to Longford as often as I’d like to. But I have to say, sitting here on the train, looking out the window, I’m filled with great memories and nostalgia - and I’m loving it.

Me Time & Friends Time...

A few weeks back, I wrote about ‘me time’ and its importance. Distraction free time when the Nips are in school. And it is important. But that said, so is going back to your family home (if like me, you’ve made your life in another county or country).

That said, so is taking the time to meet up with your lifelong buddies for a few scoops to talk all night with a grin on your gob like you were in your 20s again.

I’m not hungover, I’m just a bit tired?!

Course you are, Turkish! Whatever you wanna tell yourself there, sunshine!

On a more serious note, where this is an issue - being ‘tired’ the next day I mean - is when you have a young family who depend on you. You need to have one eye on how you being hungover will affect the next day with your nips.

Do they care that you feel like crap because you decided to go on the sauce last night? Hell no! Do they expect you to play as you normally? Hell yeah!

When in reality all you feel like doing is lying on the couch watching Netflix, drinking coke and stuffing your face with all kinds of crap. Take away pizza or Chinese is essential!

But do we learn?

Speaking of hangovers - the one I’m expecting in the morning will 100% prove to me just how far away from my 20s I genuinely am, but do you think for one mad second, that’s gonna stop me thinking I’m 20 again - especially when it comes to closing time and last orders?

C’mon man, any more jokes?! Me, my buddy and Arthur G are on a mission and you better believe we’re gonna rock it tonight!
So do I learn? Emmmmm, no! Clearly not. I just get better at being tired! Now… where’s me solpadeine?!

Chat next week folks,

Ross - The Stented Papa

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