'Continuous assessment is the way forward', says Longford student

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



'Continuous assessment is the way forward', says Longford student

Robin Duke, Eve Nerney, Niamh Earley Picture: Shelley Corcoran

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The Leaving Cert has been assessing students for decades, but Meán Scoil Mhuire student Robin Duke believes that continuous assessment is the way forward.

Robin received her Leaving Cert results on Tuesday morning and was thrilled to have gotten enough points to study International Relations in DCU following her own outstanding result.

“I’m really happy. I did way better than expected. I wasn’t aiming this high at all, so I’m really thrilled,” she told the Leader yesterday morning.

"A lot of the exams were tough. The French was really difficult. In accounting, although the paper was extremely easy, my timing was really off. So that was a little bit hard but I got really good, so honestly I’m just like ‘whatever, it doesn’t matter anymore!’,” she laughed.

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But the Leaving Cert is not the best way to assess students, Robin believes.

“We’ve done polls where we ask students if they think the Leaving Cert is a good idea. Honestly, there are one or two that think it’s a great idea and I think it’s because they’re really good at studying,” she said.

“But for some people like myself… I don’t act well under pressure at all. Some people are brilliant. I don’t act well under pressure at all.

“I love the idea of continuous assessment and I think to get your true grade, you need that constant assessment. You need to get every stage of your performance. I really think continuous assessment is the way forward.”

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