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Love Island: Ballymahon's Maura to 'crack on' with one of the new boys

Love Island: Ballymahon's Maura to 'crack on' with one of the new boys

Ballymahon model Maura Higgins with one of the hunky new boys in Casa Amor


In Casa Amor, Lucie finds herself in yet another love triangle as she has both Stevie and George vying for her affections.  Earlier, Stevie went in for a kiss with Lucie as they enjoyed an intimate chat on the terrace, even though the surfer had been sharing a bed with George whilst in Casa Amor.

Confiding in the Beach Hut, Lucie admits: 

“Stevie is very confident which I like and he just went in for a kiss.  I’m literally in the middle 50/50 between George and Stevie.  Yet again I’m in the middle, it’s a hard decision right now.”

Meanwhile, single girl Maura is enjoying getting to know the new boys in Casa Amor. Having spent some time with Dennon, Maura moves on to getting to know Marvin.

She admits she has considered whether her mother might approve of Marvin. Smiling, she tells him: “I was thinking, I wonder what my mammy would say to me now who would she choose?  Would it be Dennon or Marvin?  I was thinking I just know who she would [pick for me.]”

Alluding that it would in fact be Marvin, she continues: “I know her inside out, she’s very like me.” 

Marvin is pleased that he may have the seal of approval from Maura’s mum. He tells her: “I want to send a message back to mammy!” 

Maura tells him that it’s important to her that a potential suitor would be close to their parents. She says: “You’re obviously very close to your mother, that’s a big thing for me.”  

Marvin is clearly wooing Maura but does Maura only have eyes for him, or could Dennon still be a rival for her affection?

Anna and Ovie have also been getting closer.

Anna tells him: “I actually really like everything about you. Obviously you are handsome, you’re tall, you’re hardworking, you’re mature, you’re caring, there are so many things about you.”

Ovie tells her: “I appreciate that because you keep a good poker face.”

Anna tells him: “The thing about you that I like is that if we were to start something at least there is some kind of potential there with you. I do like Jordan but with Jordan I don’t feel like it would grow into something.”

Basketball player Ovie tells Anna: “I’m not here to compete against Jordan, Jordan is there [in the Villa] right now and we are here… If I feel like I’m the best for you, which I do, and we get along the best, I’m going to go for you. I’m not here to shoot my shot in ten different baskets and see which one I make. I want to shoot in one basket, there is pressure there, I’m either going to make it or I’m not going to make it. I’m willing to live with that.”

Anna clearly likes what she hears as the pair enjoy a kiss - sparks are flying between Anna and Ovie. Has her head turned from Jordan?


New girl Jourdan hasn’t only caught Curtis’ eye as Danny admits to her that he also has the hots for her.

Sitting on the sun beds, Danny admits to Jourdan that he would have liked to have gotten to know her, even if Arabella hadn’t been dumped. He also asks her to share his bed that evening.

Jourdan seems clearly smitten: “I think you know that I am into you and I do find you attractive, we do get along.  I just need to know where your heads at…”

In the snug, Michael and Joanna are talking about where things stand with Michael and Amber and whether the fire fighter might be open to getting to know Joanna.

Michael tells Joanna: “Over the past two days I’ve been able to be myself… I’ve met Amber and things have progressed quite well with her but then they’ve kind of hit little bumps and it shouldn’t really hit bumps at this stage.”  

Joanna and Michael have been getting closer but has she turned his head from Amber?


The girls - Amy, Anna, Amber, Maura, Lucie and Molly-Mae - are continuing their stay in Casa Amor with the new boys; whilst Curtis, Jordan, Michael, Anton, Tommy and Danny are staying in the Villa with new girls. The time apart from Amy has caused Curtis to question his feelings.

Speaking to Jourdan, the dancer admits that he would like to get to know her but what would this mean for Amy who so far has stayed loyal to her man? 

On the swing seat, Curtis tells Jourdan: “Obviously I’m not going to lie, it's a weird situation.  Me and Amy are strong and it feels good, I just thought I’d get to you know you a little bit more as well.”   

Jourdan pushes him as to whether he is more open to getting to know someone else than he thought he might have been. Curtis admits: “Yes and that’s why I’m wanting to explore it because I would be kicking myself if I didn’t.”

Later in the Beach Hut a confused Curtis admits that since Jourdan caught his eye, he’s starting to have doubts over his relationship with Amy.

He says: “Jourdan seems lovely, she’s attractive, she’s nice, I seem to have clicked with her a little bit.  Is she better than Amy? I can’t say... I don’t know yet.  If I didn’t have this chat with Jourdan, I wouldn’t have been true to myself. I’m not saying my heads been turned but am I better suited to somebody else? I’m confused.” 

News of Curtis’ chat with Jourdan spreads amongst the boys in the villa and Michael and Curtis sit down to have a chat about how Curtis is feeling about it all.

Chatting to Michael on the sun deck, Curtis confides: 

“Me and Amy are good, I can see things working on the outside, there’s nothing wrong with that situation so this is what has confused me so much. All these new girls have come in, I’ve felt something different.” 

When pushed by Michael and asked if there could be something missing from his relationship with Amy, Curtis admits:  

“Maybe there is but I don’t know what.  Why has my head been turned?  There must be something missing.  I’m in such a predicament right now.”   

Unbeknownst to Amy - who is in Casa Amor - could her fairy tale romance be coming to an end and will Curtis decide to swap his leading lady? 


Today’s challenge see’s both Casa Amor and the Villa going head-to-head to win a party, but how far will the Islanders go to win the prize?  

Anton and Molly-Mae receive texts and explain to the Islanders:

“The Villa will take on Casa Amor in a series of cheeky challenges.  The first villa to complete each challenge wins a point.  The villa that receives the most points will win a party tonight.”

Whilst the boys in the Villa embrace the task ahead, the girls in Casa Amor are less enthused when they realise what tasks their men might be performing with the new girls.

The challenge sees Molly-Mae, as the youngest girl in Casa Amor, snog Dan as the youngest boy.  Gasping when she realises that her partner Tommy, as the youngest boy, will also be taking part in the same game, she is left ‘seething’ when its revealed that he won that particular challenge and managed to snog the youngest girl over there in quicker time.

A fuming Molly-Mae is soon back into the swing of things as the next challenge sees her having a snog with both Dan and Stevie underwater in the pool.   How will Tommy and Molly-Mae be feeling about each other locking lips with other Islanders?

During the game Amber is left equally unimpressed when she realises that as the oldest boy, Michael will potentially snog a girl of his choice, commenting to the others in Casa Amor: “If they win that, I’m done.”

In the Villa, Michael picks Joanna to kiss but do they complete the challenge ahead of Casa Amor and how will Amber react

Elsewhere in the ‘Raunchy Races’ game, Anton bags a kiss from new girl, Belle. Also, a girl and boy in each villa are tasked with getting in the top-to-toe position in bed - Anna and Ovie do it for Casa Amor whilst Michael pulls Joanna into the bedroom in the Main Villa.

The game also sees Curtis locking lips with Jourdan, whilst Amy has to plant 20 lipstick kisses on Dan.  

As the game brings some of the girls and boys closer together, it also affects some of the existing couples as the ultimate test of relationships continues...

Tune in to VirginMedia Two at 9pm to see what happens.

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