Pesticides detected in Longford water supplies

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News reporter



Pesticides have been detected in Longford's Public Water Supply zone

Irish Water has detected exceedances for the pesticide MCPA in the Longford Public Water Supply zone and have reminded farmers of the best practices when spraying.

The detections were found in April and May of this year following one exceedance in the same supply for the entire 2018 season. Irish Water is aware that pesticides other than MCPA have been detected above the maximum permitted levels allowed for drinking water in rivers within the Lough Forbes catchment.

In particular 2,4 D and MCPP have been detected at elevated levels in the Eislin River, the Rinn River, the Black River and the Shannon, however, to date the only pesticide exceedances detected in drinking water have been for MCPA.

While the Pesticide levels detected in the Longford Central supply do not pose any immediate risk to health, Irish Water say it is imperative that users of pesticides are mindful of best practice when spraying their lands.

Commenting, Andrew Boylan, Irish Water, said, “This latest MCPA exceedance in the Longford public water supply is the second in as many months.

“While MCPA accounted for the majority (75 per cent) of pesticide exceedances detected nationally in public water supplies during 2018, Irish Water routinely tests for a wide range of pesticides and is closely monitoring the situation for pesticides other than MCPA.”

“Supplies such as the Longford public water supply are vulnerable to contamination from land and animal run-off. Irish Water ask users of pesticide products in the Lough Forbes catchment to consider the vulnerability of the Longford drinking water supply to pesticide contamination and the importance of this supply to the local community.” he warned.