Longford man had clothes 'ripped off him' during 'unprovoked' broad daylight assault

Liam Cosgrove


Liam Cosgrove



Longford Courthouse.

A man has been told to pay another man €500 in compensation following an 'unprovoked' attack in Longford town last year

A Longford man who carried out an unprovoked assault on another man in broad daylight last year has been told he must pay €500 in compensation to his victim.

Dylan Meade (24) 15 Cuirt An Oir, Killashee Street, Longford was in attendance at last week’s District Court sitting to face a Section 3 assault charge on Michael Purcell at Market Square, Longford on August 27 2018.

He was also charged with the unlawful possession of cannabis at Apartment 15 Cuirt An Oir, Athlone Road, Longford on November 8 2018.

Mr Meade pleaded guilty to both offences with his solicitor John Quinn keen to stress the “very small amount” of drugs his client had been found in possession of on the date in question.

The court was also afforded the chance to hear from the victim in the case, Michael ‘Miley’ Purcell.

He said he had been walking up from discount store Mr Price on the day when he heard his name being called out.
After noticing the accused with another “young lad”, Mr Purcell said as he continued walking he sustained a punch into the side of his head from behind.

In falling to the ground, Mr Purcell said he was struck on his legs while on the ground and his t-shirt was also ripped off in the altercation.

He told Judge Hughes he couldn’t recall what was said to him by his aggressors, adding that as he pulled himself up off the floor both Mr Meade and his accomplice fled in the direction from which they came.

Mr Purcell, a full time carer for his wife said he only knew of Mr Meade from passing him on the street and declined to go into any details as to what may have led to the incident.

He said, despite the attack, he was “not fearful” to walk down the streets of Longford town.

In accepting jurisdiction in the case, Judge Hughes offered Mr Quinn a chance to offer up mitigation as to Mr Meade’s actions.
He said his client wished to publicly apologise to Mr Purcell.

“He (Mr Meade) doesn’t have money in court today, but if you give him two months to raise €250 would you be willing to accept that amount?” Mr Quinn asked Mr Purcell.

It was an offer which drew a terse reaction from Judge Hughes, who snapped: “Would you accept €2500?

“He (Mr Meade) has enough money for drugs…...what you offered this man is an insult?”

The court heard that the amount of drugs found on Mr Meade was of a limited nature.

During those discussions, a daughter of Mr Purcell addressed the court and like Judge Hughes, agreed the €250 offer made to her father was insufficient.

“It was unprovoked and occurred in the middle of the street,” she said.

“It should be more than €250. I think they should be able to take the consequences for what he done.”

Mr Meade, who until that point, had kept his counsel, maintained he did not take drugs and suffered from insomnia.

He also insisted the cannabis recovered had been lying in a grinder for two weeks, adding he was only in receipt of around €100 a week and supported his two children.

Judge Hughes was not for turning however and said he would be demanding €500 from Mr Meade.

“It was an unprovoked assault in broad daylight,” he said.

“The clothes were ripped off him and he was kicked on the ground.”

The case was adjourned until a sitting of Longford District Court on September 3 2019.