Butler: Time to stand up to ‘ruthless’ Longford criminals

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



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Calls have been made for Longford County Council to take on and defeat the “very small minority criminal element” in the county town.

Longford County Council needs to stand strong in the face of criminal activity, according to Cllr Seamus Butler (FF) who stated as much at last week's meeting of Longford County Council.

In an address to his newly-elected and re-elected colleagues last Friday afternoon, Cllr Butler (pictured) said that he hopes the council can defeat the “very small minority criminal element” who are “taking Longford town all the time” as a team.

“I hope that all 18 councillors will be able to work together and, when we speak out against this and ask for it to be dealt with by the authorities, that we do it as 18, not individuals,” he implored.

“Because anyone can be targeted. These people are ruthless. They’re criminals. They have no respect for man or beast or God. And we have to weed them out of Longford for the betterment of the whole community.

“And I would ask you all to work with me, particularly on the JPC in that respect.”