Longford Weather Update: Rain this weekend but warm, dry weather predicted for the second half of May

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Through the coming weekend we can expect conditions to take a slight dip, with all areas seeing some showery outbreaks of rain interspersed with some sunny spells, according to Midland Weather Channel's Cathal Nolan.

However the question remains as to whether this will be a temporary blip or a more general trend towards unsettled weather?

"The good news is that based on our current weather models it looks as though this weekend's rainfall will only serve as a temporary blip in what so far has proven to be a relatively dry Spring," Mr Nolan explained.

"Based on the latest projections it looks as though high pressure will develop once more on Monday next, with a large anticyclone becoming established to our north and northwest, once again blocking out any weather systems that attempt to move in across western Europe.

"In such a scenario we could expect relatively dry and sunny conditions, light and variable east or northeasterly winds, with temperatures climbing up towards the low twenties in some locations.

"On a more negative note, with soil moisture deficits already ranging between 20-30 mm in places, such dry weather is likely to increase these figures, bringing with it a risk of reduced growth and partial drought conditions if the settled weather were to extend towards early June.

"That’s just a precautionary warning at the moment, and details are likely to change given that this forecast extends beyond the 7-10 day range. However drier conditions currently seem likely through the second half of May."