Election Profiles: Reilly to focus on the elderly, workplace law and mental health

Kevin Forde


Kevin Forde



Tony Reilly

Tony Reilly

Based in Netownforbes, Tony Reilly will contest the upcoming elections as an Independent candidate.

Items on Tony's agenda if elected includes looking after the elderly in the area; ensuring sufficient mental health services for the people of Longford; employment and legal related issues; and support for small business owners.

“Senior citizens, having cared for us, need the support in their senior years, having worked hard all their lives in the workplace and raising their families,” Mr Reilly explained in the Tony Reilly Election Trail group on social media. 

“I pledge to try and set groups up in the area where people can come to talk about any issues regarding mental health In rural areas some may find it difficult to travel to the large towns to seek help.”

Tony said people have the right to work in a safe environment, free from harassment and discrimination, with fair wages, treatment and adequate holidays and rest periods.

“Workplace law can be extremely confusing to a lot of employees. I pledge to help make it as easy to resolve any issue an employee may have and explain what your rights are. We all have the right to work in harmony without fear of harassment, bullying or indeed abuse of any other nature. Going to work should not be a dread every day.”

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