Faster rail line needed between Longford and Dublin

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


Longford Train Station incident

For Longford town and county to progress, attract businesses and bring people to work, settle down and live within the county, it needs to begin with fast access to and from our capital city.

That was the opening statement of Cllr John Browne at last week's special meeting of Longford County Council.

“The way ahead is to totally upgrade the railway infrastructure between Maynooth and Longford and heading on to Sligo.

owever, there is no reference to that specifically contained within the revised strategy,” he said.

“Trends within the industry state that there is an over reliance on private cars to travel to and from work and education.

herefore for Longford town and county to progress, the time it takes to travel by rail from Longford to Connolly station requires a reduction of 45 minutes to one hour.”

Cllr Seamus Butler also made the suggestion of a faster rail line between Longford and Dublin, stating that, at the moment, “virtually any car driving to Dublin would beat the speed of the train”.

And, should this major upgrade get the go ahead for the rail line, Longford would see many of its young people returning to the county, where the local economy would get a boost.

Such upgrades would also see an increase in businesses setting up in the midlands, while also ensuring faster access to the city for those living in and commuting from Longford.