Man flees Kenagh home after house 'takeover' bid

Pair due to reappear over Kenagh dispute

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Man flees Kenagh home after house 'takeover' bid

Man flees Kenagh home after house 'takeover' bid

A court has heard how a man was forced to flee his home as a result of an alleged “takeover” of a house in Kenagh just over a year ago.

John West, 40 Casey Court, Kenagh and his co accused Michael O’Brien, of the same address appeared at last week’s District Court sitting charged in relation to an incident at 41 Casey Court, Kenagh on December 20 2017.

The court heard how both men had been arrested prior to the court with both making no reply when charges were put to them.

Mr West, who was without his solicitor for the brief hearing, was charged with criminal damage to a front door, window, interior door and furnishings.

It is also alleged that rear windscreens and a car window was also damaged, with both falling under the auspices of Section 2 of the Criminal Damage Act 1991.

A charge relating to alleged trespassing on the same date and at the same address was likewise issued.

Mr O’Brien was also charged with alleged trespassing.

It was during those revelations that the court heard the incident revolved around an “alleged takeover of another person’s home”.

Judge Hughes was told the alleged victim in the case had since vacated the property in question “out of fear”.

The court similarly learned that the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) had consented to the summary disposal of all charges, meaning the case had been deemed acceptable to be heard at District Court level.

Judge Hughes adjourned the affair until yesterday’s (Tuesday) scheduled court sitting when, it is expected, a final outcome to the case will be determined.