Council to tackle speeding around Longford town with 'elf on the shelf' method

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


The adventures of Eddie the Elf

Mobile speed limit signs that will be placed around Longford town to monitor speeding were compared to an 'elf on the shelf' at last week's Longford MD meeting.

To combat speeding issues in various parts of the town's outskirts, councillors requested that mobile speed limit signs be placed on the Ardagh Road, in Stonepark, by Melview NS and near St Emer's NS.

However, when Municipal Engineer Eamon Bennett revealed that the district would only receive one mobile sign that would be moved from location to location, and not four separate signs, councillors were surprised.

“This is a little bit like Elf on the Shelf,” said an astounded Cllr Peggy Nolan to roars of laughter from her colleagues.

“With all due respect, it is. We’re after giving you four locations and we’ve one flippin’ machine.”

The process soon became clear, though, when Mr Bennett explained that speeds would be monitored in the chosen locations before the sign was put in place.

After three weeks, the sign will be moved to its next location and speed will be recorded again to see if the mobile sign had any effect on the speed of motorists.

If it has an effect, Mr Bennett explained, then there's no need to have it permanently in place.

But if lower speeds are not recorded after the sign is moved away, a permanent sign will be put in place to tackle the issue.