Story of the week from March 9th, 1973: L'Estrange attacks 'unscrupulous doctors'

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Times past: Story of the Week March 9, 1973

Mr PM Farrell (Longford) stated at the February meeting of the Midland Health Board that some doctors thought they belonged to a privileged section of the community.

They were very important but this did not give them the right to take advantage of their position.

Mr Farrell said that it was kindness a patient usually needed and not questions as to the amount of currency which should pass between the patient and the doctor in order that he should get the proper treatment.

An allegation had been made by Mr G L'Estrange (Westmeath) that there were some unscrupulous doctors – admittedly a very small minority – whose only aim was to get rich as quickly and as easily as possible, cut out night work and to hell with the patients even if they had to die! Dr N Dolan (Westmeath) objected to these remarks but Mr L'Estrange insisted that he could give an example of a particular doctor in the region.

Mr D Dudley CEO described the health centre and group practice as “an experiment”. He could also see a lot of what he termed “dispensary neurosis” disappearing. Many people at the present time went to dispensaries for no other reason other than social ones, he said.

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