Ballymahon Tidy Towns strike a blow for community spirit

Shane Natton


Shane Natton


Ballymahon Tidy Towns

The Ballymahon Tidy Towns team with Minister Kevin 'Boxer' Moran.

No group represents the word 'community' better than the Ballymahon Tidy Towns.

This is because all of the tireless hours they put in rain, hail or snow, all year round, for the betterment of the community.

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Every Sunday morning without fail, they are out bright and early. They comb every inch of the town until they are certain there are no more chocolate bar wrappers or drinks cans to be seen.

They sweep the streets and water the flowers to keep the town of Ballymahon looking its best.

They also help in the organisation of all major events in the town such as the annual St Patrick’s Day Parade and 2017’s Fleadh Ceoil.

The group assists businesses in the town with keeping their premises looking tidy and welcoming.

They work closely with the Longford County Council in deciding what steps to take next in the improvement of Ballymahon and how to go about it.

Ballymahon Tidy Towns have also recently been talking with Center Parcs about keeping the town looking its best for all the new visitors and tourists that will come with the opening of Center Parcs Longford Forest next Summer.

They also work very closely with Michael Grealy and the community employment scheme in maintaining the Royal Canal and the town as a whole.

Over the last three years, the group has put in over 2,990 hours and collected over 2,400 bags of litter.

All members of the group are volunteers meaning they are not doing this for financial gain, but out of the goodness of their hearts and their love of the community.