Hard work pays off for Longford's rising equine afficionado

By Daire Whyte


By Daire Whyte



James Whyte

James Whyte, who worked hard to follow his passion.

When James Whyte left school, he had his mind set on joining the Equitation Cadetship.

But he needed to have a language in his Leaving Cert, which he did not have.

He decided to go to AIT to do a year of engineering whilst doing French on the side.

He passed French and applied for the cadetship in March through an online application before doing an online phsycometric test which was stage one.

After that, it was a waiting process, which took a few weeks but then he got called for an overnight assessment which consisted of a fitness test, group assessment and a second overseen phsycometic test.

He also received various briefs on army life and a talk with current cadets about the cadetship and what it’s like.

Then he got called for a riding assessment in McKee Barracks. After that he got called for an interview, which is a competency based interview.

Within a few weeks, he got called for a medical examination before finding out he got a spot for the equitation cadetship.

He was delighted as he had received one out of two spots in the country.