Longford's Rose Kane heading to South Sudan to work with UN

Aisling Kiernan


Aisling Kiernan



Rose Kane

Rose Kane of Kane's Travel in Longford town takes up a new position with the UN this week. Photo: Tiernan Dolan.

Well if there’s one person that will be sorely missed in Longford town from now on it’s going to be Rose Kane of Kane’s Travel who is heading off to South Sudan this week to work with the UN.

Speaking to Humans of Longford the local woman says she is both nervous and excited to be making the move.

For the last 16 years Rose Kane has worked in the family business on Ballymahon Street and as she says herself, “seen some amazing places through the business including Argentina, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, Kenya, Ghana, Chile, USA and India”.

It was in 2011 when Rose took a break from Kanes and spent six months in Afghanistan as a UN volunteer where she was based at the airport in Kabul, that life, as she knew it, began to change.

The seeds for more adventure had been sown!

“When I go to South Sudan I will be responsible for travel arrangements in and out of the mission,” she says before pointing out that she is ready for a new challenge and any new adventures that come her way.

“It's also a great privilege to get this opportunity but I am going to miss my family and friends; my friends in Longford Scuba Divers and all my friends in St Christopher's.”

Rose has been secretary of St Christopher's Services Fundraising Executive for the last few years and is also very involved with the local Scuba Divers.
“When I return home, I'll be able to join my friends in Mullaghmore on dive outings with the Search & Recovery unit of the LD Scuba Divers and thankfully, I'll be able to maintain my role,” she adds.

Meanwhile, Rose is also very proud of her association with St Christopher's Services, which she insists, “is a wonderful organisation”.

“St Christopher's is really a fantastic organisation; it depends very much on voluntary work to support the services and it's a pleasure to be involved with such great people doing such great, positive work.”

But for now, Rose must bid farewell to all that and pack her bags for what surely will be the adventure of a lifetime!

“Yes, I still have a fair bit of packing to do,” she smiles.

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