'Dog fouling is happening on weekly basis in Ballymahon', slams irate local businessman

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



Ballymahon business owner ire at being left to clean up after someone else's dog... again!

Sean Gilbride cleaning up outside his business last week.

A Ballymahon business has called on dog owners to take responsibility for their pets by cleaning up after them.

Sean Gilbride of Ballymahon Autoparts, fed up with picking up dog excrement from the front of his shop, posted photos on Facebook after he was forced to clean up someone else's dog waste for the umpteenth time.

"This happens at least once a week," said Mr Gilbride.

"It is illegal, not to mention the health and safety issues as this area is used every morning by school going kids and their parents.

"There is CCTV at the front and side of the building and, from this point on, anyone who fails to clean up their dog's mess will be reported.

"The good people working every day to keep our town tidy deserve more respect than to have to clean up other people's dog mess. Hopefully, this will have a positive impact all over our town which we will all benefit from."