Longford Leader Columnist Mattie Fox: Powers that be have no interest in preserving rural Ireland

Mattie Fox


Mattie Fox



Pope's visit to Ireland

An aerial view of the pilgrims and cross at the Phoenix Park for the Papal Mass.

Rural Ireland will soon be a land of dark silence, forbidding, desolated, and forbidden, to exist. A wipeout, unless the public become vocal.

Rural Post Offices are now being viewed as revenue centres.

This, essentially, is what the government is really saying in its wide ranging action to close the Post Office structure across Ireland.
Except Dublin of course.

That tells you more than a thousand words could ever convey. In Dublin you can get on a bus, and travel anywhere in the city, no problem.
As it should be.

So also can you get a post office, everywhere you look.
Great revenue centres, of course.
Look at the profits made by An Post in the last 12 months.

There’s absolutely no reason to close any offices.

In the country, anything over 10 Kilometres can be a real hazard, and very trying on those whose lives depend on being able to live some semblance of normality by getting their grocery’s, and meeting patient unhurried service, within a reasonably convenient distance.

The fact is, the powers that be, have no interest in preserving this important fabric of Irish society.

They don’t really care about rural Ireland.
It’s a nuisance, in their eyes.

They’re far more interested in being good Europeans.

We all know hundreds of elderly people, who live in leisurely seclusion, which is normal in any sane country for whom certain services are subsidized because in a country that cares, that’s what it takes.

It’s not possible with the best will in the world, to leave vast tracts of land without a house, that’s another country altogether.

One that, it seems, the government really want and are determined to have.

For that reason, we should be highly alarmed at this news of Post Offices closing. It should not be allowed happen.

This is the beginning of a society where every single service must pay for itself, with profits. Gone are the days when people who lived in remote country places were treated with agreeable understanding and allowed live where they grew up.

Maybe I’d be more understanding if choices weren’t being made.
What about the Arts?

How many post offices could be kept afloat if the government weren’t hell bent on being “great supporters of the arts community”?

No problem subsidising the ‘arts’. Of course not.

Maybe the post offices should organise a powerful lobby to arrive in government buildings and tell the government to look after their responsibilities properly. There’s nothing advantageous in giving what sounds like a brave speech to the Pope.

The Pope has already left, but rural Ireland will always be with us.
If the Government got its ultimate way, we’d see pensioners living in towns and cities, where post offices are two a penny. These pensioners would then have to queue for services.

That’s the model of society that the Government really wants.
It must be stopped.

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