Moving forward: the next steps in Longford's Integrated Action Plan

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


Longford County Council offices with the Camlin River in the foreground. Photo: Michelle Ghee.

There are so many fantastic opportunities for Longford town with the development of the recently published Integrated Action Plan, including a Farmer's Market, a Skate Park, a Museum, and various other proposals revealed on the Longford Leader website over the past few days.

The plan has provided an important roadmap for the Local Authority and the wider town stakeholders in the redevelopment of Connolly Barracks and the Camlin Quarter.

It highlights the importance which the Local Authority places on Connolly Barracks and the Camlin Quarter to act as a driver for the social, economic and physical regeneration of Longford town and the wider region.

It clearly ties in with the priorities identified in the National Planning Framework, for the strengthening of the urban core of the county town.

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The establishment of the ULG has ensured the stakeholders have had an opportunity not only to have their voices heard but also to influence the direction of the IAP and to ensure that the plan provides a social dividend to the town.

This process has demonstrated that the redevelopment of Connolly Barracks cannot be considered in isolation.

Going forward, there will be consultations with stakeholders, nearby residents and the wider townspeople to put a proper plan in place as to which proposals are feasible, and which will go ahead.

It is hoped that the final plan will be ready by February of next year.

Whatever proposals go ahead, though, will improve Longford town immensely.