Proposals for a museum in Longford could see the town's history highlighted

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


Connolly Army Barracks. Photo: Joe McDonagh.

Longford town's Connolly Barracks

A museum highlighting the long and illustrious history of Longford town has been proposed in the recent Integrated Action Plan for Connolly Barracks and the Northern Quarter.

Based in the historic core of a town, which has seen many changes and has many stories to tell, Connolly Barracks is the perfect location for a museum.

Longford hasn't had the opportunity to tell this story and it has been the desire of the people over the years to develop a museum, which would incorporate an archive.

This would facilitate increased interaction with visitors to Longford who are interested in tracing their roots from the town.

There are currently significant numbers of people travelling to Longford to avail of the genealogical services on offer within Longford Library.

However, due to restricted space available, the service does not exploit its full potential.

The development of a museum would also facilitate increased tourism numbers and approve the attraction of the town to potential visitors.