Do you know a Cillian or a Killian? Longford Cillians sought for world record attempt

Mullagh Fair Day is seeking as many Cillians as possible to set a world record

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


Cillian Murphy

One of Ireland's most famous Cillians... he might not show up though.

In honour of Mullagh's patron saint, St Kilian, the town is attempting to set a world record for the most Kilians in one place at one time.

And it doesn't matter how you spell the name either. If your name is Cillian or Killian, Kilian or even Cilian, you're valuable to the people of Mullagh - they don't discriminate when it comes to spelling.

Even if your surname is some variation of the Killian name, Mullagh wants you!

The world record attempt will take place in Mullagh on September 9, and you'll need a valid ID to prove your one of the Kilian clan if you want to get involved.

So round up your Cillians - this is going to be big!