Down Memory Lane in Longford: 'Drugs are freely available'

David Clarke


David Clarke


Down Memory Lane in Longford

This week's story of the week from features a local councillor's take on crime from over 20 years ago

“Criminals are coming in and feeding our youth with drugs,” Cllr Michael Nevin told colleagues at Monday's meeting of Longford County Council.

The Fianna Fáil councillor was speaking during a prolonged debate on the continuing increase in crime in local areas and he told the meeting that much of the problems in places like Longford were drug-related.

“If I walked out this door I could walk back in and give each member of this authority some heroin”, said Cllr Nevin, adding that “local thugs and local hoods” were also ruining young people's lives.

Cllr Nevin said people are getting addicted and are being forced to steal to feed their habit. He also said that this is the trend in rural parts of this county and warned councillors not to be kidded into thinking that it was exclusively an urban problem.  

“It's quite known that drugs are freely available”, he stated.

He said there was one person who had been living in the town but was now living elsewhere in the county and he was “a big supplier” and “a thug”.

Cllr Nevin claimed that “he drives a big car, scans the Gardai and has cars doing dummy runs”. He said these people were “blackguarding the guards”. “To hook some child on heroin that is the pits,” concluded Cllr Nevin.