84th County Longford Ploughing Championships return to Carrickedmond

Aisling Kiernan


Aisling Kiernan




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This year’s 84th County Longford Ploughing Championships return to Carrickedmond after an absence of 22 years.

Chairwoman of the Co Longford Ploughing Association (LPA), Cynthia Geelan has been at the helm of the organisation for the last six years.

Her focus for this weekend’s event is to provide an abundance of entertainment and classes that will attract families and participants from all over the country.

The Longford Ploughing Championships is the largest occasion of its kind outside of the national event which takes place each year in September.

It sees local competitors emerge victorious year after year with many clinching those much coveted All-Ireland titles.

“This,” says Ms Geelan, “is the 84th year of the County Longford Ploughing Championships; it is all about keeping the ploughing tradition alive and to show young children growing up that this is the way the land is reared and where crops come from”.

She says that what the ploughing event offers is a glimpse into everyday life for many farmers not just in Longford, but all over the country.

“Every year ploughing enthusiasts from all over the country descend on the local ploughing championships; they even come from as far away as Wales and Scotland,” she smiled, before pointing out that last year a vintage ploughman from Wales participated in the Ferguson Class.

“We also have ploughmen from Down and Donegal to Wicklow and Cork”.

This year the committee has incorporated a number of special attractions and there will be lots of surprises from the crew on the day.

“It really is going to be a day out that all the family can enjoy,” Ms Geelan continued.

“We want people to come out and see for themselves what a ploughing event like this is all about.

“We are trying to focus on including some special attractions that other ploughing matches may not have, but really what we need most of all is for the sun to shine!”

God Speed the Plough!