Fearless Longford doctor Laura Noonan vows to fight back after Moscow treatment

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Fearless Longford doctor Laura Noonan vows to fight back after Moscow treatment

Dr Laura Noonan on return flight from Moscow and in the Mater hospital, Dublin. Photos: Facebook - 'Laura's Russian Lifeline'

Longford’s Dr Laura Noonan is determined to recover and fight back after she underwent chemotherapy and stem cell transplantation in Moscow recently and she is currently in Dublin’s Mater hospital under the care of her haematology team.

Dr Laura wrote on the ‘Laura’s Russian Lifeline’ Facebook page last night: “Finally, I am posting some good news. What’s seldom really is wonderful.”

She revealed that a new combination of medication had been agreed and this made her very hopeful.

“So, after late night discussions between Dublin and Moscow it was decided to try a new combination of medication and after some initial issues we seem to have overcome the main challenges, and now I am HOPEFUL, that we have got this from every angle. I will beat this together with my A team. It has not been easy but then nothing in life worth having or achieving ever is easy. No fear. No going back. We can do this. Laura Xxx”

On Friday, March 16, Laura’s husband Archie O’Connor had written that “more significant medical issues have arisen which the team are actively trying to treat but we seem to be meeting new obstacles every day.”

He explained that Laura needed ‘specific treatment’ and she needed it ‘urgently, so we really hope the doctors here can sort this treatment out here for her.’

He concluded by thanking ‘everyone for continuing to support us all, particularly Laura, it means a lot to her’.

A week earlier, Laura, outlined that she ran into many difficulties over the course of her Russian treatment, adding, “although we knew it was going to be hard it was much more difficult than we anticipated.

“My mother and Archie had many anxious nights outside the isolation doors awaiting updates. There were no exceptions made and they were not allowed in to even offer comfort in a terrifying situation. Most people know how scary hospital can be but imagine an emergency situation with staff running around the ward talking in a language I couldn’t understand.

“As they administered the anaesthetic last week I genuinely worried that I might never wake up. At that time I could feel the support and prayers and strength from home and I am certain they carried me through.”

Laura managed to complete the entire treatment course as scheduled in Moscow and said it was great to be back on Irish soil and she thanked all the people involved, including the wonderful Aer Lingus staff who brought them from Heathrow to Dublin.

She wrote: “I am eternally grateful to the team in Moscow who provided treatment not available to me here. Without them who knows what the future would have held for me and my little family.”

Laura expressed the wish to get home to her own bed in the not too distant future.

“This journey is far from over but we have the biggest giant steps taken already now all that’s left is baby steps to get the best possible outcome.

“I would love to be home in Edgeworthstown but right now the only safe place for me is here in the Mater under the care of my excellent haematology team. Thank you all. I will keep you updated on our progress and I hope to get home to my own bed in the not too distant future.”