New EP and headline gig for Longford's Painted Skies

“Taking on Water is really a full embodiment of what Painted Skies is”

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


'Have yourself a merry little Christmas' an online sensation for Longford band ‘Painted Skies’

Longford band ‘Painted Skies’

The music scene in Longford is one of the best in the country, according to local musician, Adam Fenelon.

And he should know; he's a member of Painted Skies - one of the county's best up and coming bands.

In fact, Painted Skies were recently named one of 50 'Ones to Watch' by prestigious Dublin music venue, Whelan's. That's no mean feat for a Longford band.

“We got the Whelan's Ones To Watch just a couple of weeks ago and we played the gig and it was a packed house,” Adam explained.

“It was absolutely great. It's the first time we've ever played and people knew the words to the songs.

“It was really cool. It was a huge confidence boost to go out and play more gigs in Dublin.”

And that wasn't the band's only success. In fact, their new single, 'Taking On Water' shot to number five in the charts within an hour of being released - and it stayed there for a few days too.

“It's a nice song. It's piano-based. It's just something a little bit different for us. It's very relaxed,” said Adam.

The song, he added, is a more complete picture of who Painted Skies are, with each of the band members having their input.

“It started off as just me and Adam (Farrell) on Constellations and when we got Conor in, we realised that us writing bass isn't a good idea because we don't play bass,” Adam explained.

“So Conor ended up bringing his bit to it and Maryann brought her piece to it.

“So I think 'Constellations' was me and Adam, but 'Taking on Water' is really a full embodiment of what Painted Skies is like and is really the sound of what we're trying to do.”

And, he added, teamwork is essential in everything the band does.

“We really do work very hard together to try and build everything up. And everyone has their strengths.

“We get on so well. We're really best friends more than anything else.”

Painted Skies will be playing their first headline gig in Cartown nightclub in Carrick-on-Shannon on April 6, and will be releasing their four-song EP, 'Ponder', on July 21 in Whelan's.

For now, though, you can listen to 'Constellations' and 'Taking On Water' on Spotify, iTunes and other digital outlets.

To keep up to date on gigs and the upcoming EP, follow Painted Skies on Facebook @PaintedSkiesOfficial.