Finding Elaine: Can you help us find the Longford lady in this photograph?

Tipperary man seeks Longford lady whose photo he took on Culcaigh Mountain

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


Finding Elaine

Elaine from Longford (pictured right) with her friend climbing Culcaigh Mountain earlier this week.

A Tipperary man who was holidaying in Cavan is looking for a pair of girls he met while climbing Culcaigh Mountain with his wife on Tuesday.

Jimmy and Margo Kelly were enjoying the snowy climb up the mountain when they met two girls who were also enjoying the winter scenery.

The girls, he said, had left their phones in the car and wanted to get a shot of their memorable climb up the mountain, so they asked Jimmy to snap a picture and sent it to them.

Jimmy was happy to oblige, but he didn't save the girl's number.

"I thought I had saved the number, but I'm afraid in the cold and the snow, I didn't," he told the Longford Leader this morning.

"The only information I have is that the girl on the right of the photo is Elaine from Longford. The girl on the left was returning to Australia sometime this week."

Jimmy is eager to find the girl and to fulfil his promise of sending her the photo. The photo is cropped slightly, but Elaine can get in touch to get the full photo, which includes a spectacular view of the mountain.

He's asking the people of Longford to share this photo around in the hope of finding Elaine.

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