Microchipping reunites Puggsy with his family two years after being stolen in Cavan

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson




A local family were given a post Christmas boost after their beloved pet dog was reunited with them over the festive season

If there's one resolution pet owners should make - and keep - it's to microchip their pets and, most importantly, register their details, said local dog warden, Hilary Robinson.

This call comes a few weeks after Puggsy the dog was found and returned to his family two years after he was stolen from a garden in Cavan.

“Three dogs turned up at the same time. Puggsy was stolen out of someone’s garden in Cavan and he turned up with two mammies in a bad state. He was obviously the boy they were breeding,” Hilary explained to the Leader last week.

Thanks to microchipping, the folks at Hungry Horse Outside had the pleasure of returning Puggsy to a thrilled family.

“It should be a new year’s resolution to make sure the details are updated on your dog’s microchip, because if they ever go missing or stray, they will turn up somewhere at some point,” said Hilary, stressing that just microchipping your dog without registering the chip online simply isn't enough.

In fact, not registering your microchip is as bad as not microchipping at all.

“I would say not even 50% of microchipped dogs are registered,” Hilary continued.

“In fact, still not even 50% of dogs in Longford are microchipped. And it’s so easy to reunite dogs with their owners when they are microchipped and registered.

“All that happens is I scan the dog. I go on my phone and there’s an app that tells me which body the dog is registered to. Then all I have to do is ring that body and they tell me who the dog belongs to and we reunite them.”

In January, February and March of this year, the County Council will subsidise microchipping and dog licences.

“So for €25 you’ll get the microchip, the registration and your dog licence all in one,” said Hilary.

“That’s a great deal because the microchip and registration alone is worth about €30.”

All you have to do, she says, is call her on 086 1733838 or call into the pound and she'll do it for you.
Turning back to Puggsy, Hilary stressed the importance of buying your dog from a reliable source.

“I’ve had loads of calls since Puggsy was found from people who said they got their dogs from hell holes. If you ever buy a dog from a hell hole, please, please report it.

“And never go to a garage or a car boot to buy a puppy. Always make sure you can see mammy and daddy before you buy a puppy. It’s the least the seller can do,” she said.


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