Cllr Paul Ross welcomes safety scheme for Glen

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Cllr Paul Ross has given his approval to Longford County Council's decision to apply for a Low Cost Safety Scheme at Lisnagrish, Glen

Cllr Paul Ross has welcomed the decision by Longford Co Council to apply for a Low Cost Safety Scheme at Lisnagrish, Glen following his motion at the November Ballymahon Municipal District Meeting.

His Motion, “that Longford County Council remove the dangerous turn at Lisnagrish, Glen, which has been the cause of a number of incidents, in the interest of public safety" was passed.

Cllr Ross explained that this was a particularly dangerous series of blind turns where a number of crashes have occurred just off the N4 and that there are a large number of houses on this road with Glen primary school and creche also on this road.

Cllr Ross asked if the bushes could be cut back to improve the view and if the road could be improved.
Ballymahon Area Engineer Alan Slattery agreed that the road was not satisfactory and stated that the council would apply for a low cost safety scheme to take the turns out and straighten the road.


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