From life support to full health-Longford baby makes miraculous recovery

Aisling Kiernan


Aisling Kiernan


Jenny Ford

Demi Kelly, Jennifer Ford, Eric and Warren O'Kane and Darren Kelly, all thrilled with Warren's recovery

A Longford baby who was at death’s door after contracting whooping cough in August has made a miraculous recovery.

Little Warren O’Kane, who was just six weeks old when he became ill, was baptized after being placed on life support.

He also received a healing with the Padre Pio Glove from Dublin man Jimmy Wynne and, a couple of hours later, the baby began showing signs of improvement.

Warren’s mother, Jennifer Ford, said her son became ill so fast and deteriorated so quickly, that the family had been told to prepare for the worst when they arrived at Temple Street Hospital.

Warren was taken to the Midland Regional Hospital initially, where his mother was told the child had bronchitis.

“At that stage, they said he would get worse before he got better, and he did get worse,” Jennifer said, before pointing out that her little son stopped drinking his bottles altogether.

“I brought him to our GP and he advised us to go back to Mullingar; when we arrived there, Warren took a turn for the worst.”

Meanwhile, a bed became available in Temple Street and the child was transferred there by garda escort.

It was 4am and Jennifer and her partner, Eric O’Kane, were close to despair by this stage.
Warren was immediately brought to ICU and put on life support.

It was then determined that he had the whooping cough.

“He didn’t show any signs of improvement and a couple of days after Warren was admitted, we were told he wasn’t going to make it,” recalled Jennifer.

“It was such a distressing time, but we had him baptized that day.”

At the same time friends of the family had spoken to them about the Padre Pio Glove and a friend of Jennifer’s set about finding it.

Eventually, she tracked down Tallaght man Jimmy Wynne; he is known for his healing powers with the Glove.

Just a few hours after the baptism of Warren O’Kane, Jimmy Wynne arrived at Temple Street and prayed over the baby with the Glove.

That was 2am and when Jennifer made contact with nurses at 4am, she was told that the baby was showing signs of improvement.

The family couldn’t believe it and, with each passing hour, Warren began to get stronger.

“A week later, Warren was off the oxygen and within three weeks he was out of ICU and back on a ward,” said Jennifer.

“We were so happy and so relieved.”

Meanwhile, little Warren, who has two siblings, Darren (9) and Demi (14), became stronger and stronger and improved every day.

He also began to take his bottles again.

“I think the fact that Warren was baptized and got the healing as well contributed to his recovery,” continued Jennifer.

“Jimmy was so genuine and even told us stories about other people that he had helped.

“He also contacted me a few times afterwards to check up on Warren.”

Jennifer also said that most babies who become as ill as Warren did, don’t make it. But their little man did.

“He surprised us all. Even the staff at the hospital couldn’t believe how well he did,” smiled Jennifer.

“He is full of life now, is a perfect little baby and laughs all the time.

“He is the centre of all our lives.”