Longford District Court: Stole bottles of alcohol from Supervalu

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Longford Courthouse.

Longford Courthouse

A man who appeared at last week’s sitting of Longford District Court charged under the Theft & Fraud Offences Act was ordered to pay €247 in compensation following a hearing into the matter.

Dumitru Fasola (31), 1 Beechfield Green, Clonee, Dublin 15 appeared before Judge Seamus Hughes charged with stealing seven bottles of Hennessy Brandy from Supervalu, Longford on August 27 last.
He was also further charged with stealing bottles of alcohol valued at €348.94 on September 29, 2017.
Outlining the evidence to the court, Inspector Bláthín Moran said that on the dates in question, the defendant entered the store and took the items without paying for them.
“The goods that were stolen on August 27 were recovered,” the Inspector added.
Judge Hughes then asked the defendant what he did with the alcohol.
“Did you sell it, or drink it?” he questioned.
The defendant replied that he had drank it.
“When did you arrive in Ireland?” Judge Hughes then asked the defendant.
“One year and seven months ago.”
The defendant’s solicitor John Quinn then quipped, “Well he has good taste in brandy anyway judge!”
The court also heard how the defendant had travelled from Dublin to Longford by bus and when asked why he chose to come to Longford, Mr Fasola was unable to provide an explanation.
“Why did you not get of in Mullingar, why was it Longford?” queried Judge Hughes.
Meanwhile, in mitigation, Mr Quinn said that his client was pleading guilty to the offences before the court.
“He was working as a painter up until about three weeks ago when he was let go,” the solicitor added.
During his deliberations on the matter, Judge Hughes said the defendant appeared to have been painting while drinking brandy!
“You would think he would get enough fumes from the paint,” he joked.
“Have you money now to pay for all the brandy?”
The defendant then said that he had brought €100 to court in an effort to provide some form of compensation.
Judge Hughes subsequently told him that he wanted another €247 and gave him one month to provide that to the court.
The matter will appear back at Longford District Court on November 7 next.