Longford's overall water quality is good

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EPA insists Longford's overall water quality is good

The EPA released its latest national assessment of water quality in Ireland last week and found that overall the majority of rivers in Longford are at a good quality.

Loch Gowna is at Poor Status and Lough Ree is at Moderate Status; both seeing no change in water quality since the last 2007-2009 assessment period.
There has been some dis-improvement in the upper reaches of the Camlin River, from High Status to Good Status, and some of the smaller tributaries of the Camlin have also deteriorated from good status to moderate status.
The EPA is currently working with the local authorities and other relevant stakeholders to identify the particular problems that have caused this deterioration and this, plus any necessary actions, should be identified in the final River Basin Management Plan that will be published by the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government at the end of this year.