EXCLUSIVE: Longford mum relives terrifying stabbing ordeal: "It was like he just wanted to murder me"

Liam Cosgrove


Liam Cosgrove



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A Longford mother of five speaks exclusively to the Leader after falling victim to a savage assault in Longford town last week.

A mother of five has told how she thought she was going to be killed when falling victim to a violent attack and stabbing incident in Longford town last week.

Elisha Nugent sustained four stab wounds to the head and neck area during the assault which took place in full view of her two children at the entrance to Longford Post Office last Wednesday.

In an exclusive interview with the Longford Leader this week, Ms Nugent said she had been waiting just inside the doors of the post office at around 4pm when her attacker appeared out of nowhere.
“I was waiting inside the door as my boyfriend was in collecting his payment,” she recalled.

“My two kids were with me and then he (attacker) just came at me and tried to cut my face.”

In a desperate bid to protect herself, the Longford mother said she somehow managed to grab hold of the knife and deflect it away from her face.

It was at that stage Elisha claims she suffered a punch to the face, pushing her backwards as her assailant reigned down blows with the knife to her head.

Elisha was treated at the scene by paramedics and transferred to the Midland Regional Hospital in Mullingar where she was later discharged from.

Sitting poker faced and still visibly shaken up by her ordeal, Elisha said she was fully convinced she was going to die.

“He didn’t talk or nothing,” she said.

“There was murder in his eyes." 

“It was like he just wanted to murder me."

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