Commuting in Longford: 72.8% of working commuters in Longford travel by car

Census 2016 results give an insight into Longford commuter habits

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



8.4% of Longford commuters walk to work, according to Census figures

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) today published 'Census 2016 Profile 6: Commuting in Ireland', which gives a fascinating insight into the commuting habits of people in county Longford.

The report shows that in April 2016 the number of people travelling to work, school or college stood at 2,962,550 nationally - that's an increase of 9.3% on the 2011 figure.

There were 1,875,773 people commuting to work in April 2016, an increase of 10.7% on 2011. There were large increases in bus and train use (up 22% and 19.7% respectively), while the number cycling to work rose by 43% on 2011.

But how do these figures add up in Longford?

The majority of working commuters in Longford travel by car, the report shows, with 10,288 people living in county Longford choosing this method of transport, compared to 65.6% of commuters nationally.

While 9.3% of working commuters nationally used public transport, just 1.7% of those in Longford did so. A further 1.0% cycled, while 8.4% walked.

Commuting times rose in every county and the national average commuting time in April 2016 was 28.2 minutes, up from 26.6 minutes in 2011. Commuters in Longford had an average travel time of 26.4 minutes, compared to 25.0 minutes in 2011.

Just under 1 in 3 working commuters in Longford (33.0%) were travelling for less than 15 minutes, compared to 34.7% in Census 2011.

Nationally, 22.9% of commuters had a commute of under 15 minutes. In April 2016, 10.5% of commuters in the county spent an hour or more travelling compared to 9.3% in 2011, while 6.0% had a commute of over 90 minutes, as against 4.7% five years previously.

There were 8,312 Longford residents working in the county on the night of the 2016 Census, while 3,098 people commuted into the county for work.

A further 3,324 people commuted to work outside the county, giving a net loss of 226 in the working population.

Among primary school children, 60.4% travelled to school by car, while 16.1% (837) walked. The percentage travelling by bus fell to 16.1% from 17.4% in 2011, while 0.7% of students cycled to school.

The number of secondary school children walking to school increased by 46 to 522, accounting for 15.9% of secondary students, while 38.0% went to school by car, compared to 40.5% in 2011. More than 4 in 10 (41.4%) travelled by bus, while 0.6% cycled to school.

The infographic below gives an indication of how figures have changed nationally since the previous Census in 2011.

Census Commuting Report Statistics

The full report is available on the CSO website at along with all the data which is available in a range of interactive web tables, allowing users to build their own tables by selecting the data they are interested in and downloading them in an easy to use format for their own analysis.

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