Peregrine Falcon missing in Longford

Falcon can be recognised by the bell on her leg

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


Missing Falcon

Is this beautiful bird in your garden?

A tame, pet Peregrine Falcon has gone missing from her home in Drumlish and her owners are appealing to anyone who may have seen her to get in touch.

This may be one of the most unusual lost pet stories to grace the Longford Leader website and, unfortunately, this pet will be a bit more difficult to retrieve, unlike a case of a missing dog or cat.

The falcon in question is only about four months old and therefore doesn't have much flying experience. For this reason, her owners believe she may not know her way home.

She is what's known as an imprint, meaning she's used to humans and won't shy away from them. In fact, she's quite friendly towards humans, dogs, and other pets.

The falcon is brown in colour, with a speckled front (pictured above), and should stand out from every other bird in the county because falcons are not overly common in county Longford.

She can be recognised by a leather strap on one leg and a distinctive bell on the other. She seems to have been hanging around the Drumlish area recently but, as she can cover a lot of ground in a short space of time, she could be anywhere.

If you spot her near your area, the owners request you contact