WEATHER: Hurricane Gert could be on her way to Longford

More unsettled weather as hurricane moves across the Atlantic Ocean

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


WEATHER: Longford could be hit by hurricane this weekend

Longford Weather: Hurricane Gert could be on the way this weekend

Longford could be hit by the tail end of a hurricane this weekend as Hurricane Gert moves across the Atlantic Ocean.

The hurricane - which will actually lose power today and be classified an 'ex-hurricane' - will bring with it more unsettled weather in Ireland, much like we've been seeing for the past few weeks, but winds could pick up with speeds of 120 to 180km/h.

Hurricane Gert will move east across the Atlantic over the next couple of days, with the remnants moving up between Ireland and Iceland. It is expected to reach the west coasts of Ireland by the latter parts of the weekend and the early part of next week.

And, while there is a small chance there will be some warm, humid weather in the country, it's more likely to bring rain and wind.

So, in case the hurricane does reach county Longford at some point, have the wellies and rain gear on standby... but maybe leave the umbrella at home. It'll be useless if Hurricane Gert has her way.