FF confirm convention line-up in Longford

liam Cosgrove


liam Cosgrove



Longford Arms Hotel

The Longford Arms Hotel is to host Fianna Fáil's annual think-in after the summer recess

Fianna Fáil has confirmed next month's Longford selection convention will involve a three way fight between local Cllr Seamus Butler, Joe Flaherty and Connie Gerety-Quinn,

As expected the trio have been confirmed as candidates after the deadline for nominations closed last Monday week (July 31).
In correspondence sent by general secretary Seán Dorgan, and which has been seen by the Leader, it was confirmed the party is pursuing a one candidate selection policy.

“Haivng considered the matter, the National Constituenices Committee has directed that one candidate be selected at convention,” a statement outlined.

Party bosses, no doubt, will be eager to avoid the controversy which marred its October 2015 convention when a gender quota directive from headquarters sparked widespread animosity among delegates with threats of a walk-out being made.